<aside> ⚠️ I first wrote this page a couple of years ago when both the boys were younger and we were actively home-edding. Now they’re 18 and 16 it’s kind of behind us, and I’ve tried to update the page but some of the language dips between past and present tense because I haven’t given it a proper overhaul.


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Thinking of home educating?

This page is a brain dump of all the links and resources I know of that might be useful to you, if you live in the UK (the guidance and laws are different in different countries).

I am very biased because home-ed was the best decision I ever made. I understand it’s not right for every family, but I can’t be neutral about it because we loved it so much.

Resources for parents thinking about home-ed (and remember, I am very biased in favor of home-ed)

Is this even legal?