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You’re right. I’ve hosted this list on Notion while my web designer works on making a pretty looking blog post.


It takes more than hard work, enviable talent, and a stunning personality to build a successful business.

Although I consider myself to be a solo-business builder, I still have a small crowd of humans and a significant arsenal of tools and resources at my disposal.

It took me a couple of years of trial and error to line up the tools and resources for my small business. One of the things that helped me most was the recommendations from other entrepreneurs.

So do you wanna take a peek inside my toolkit?


What: Hosting

Who: Siteground*

Notes: They start you off an amazing 70% off deal for the first year, and after that the price rise feels steep. I’ve stuck with them though because I’ve never had any security or uptime problems AND they have saved me from disaster on the multiple occasions I’ve screwed up my site (plug-in conflicts, or accidentally deleting large chunks of it).


What: Website Theme

Who: Divi by Elegant Themes*